Lana Del Rey – future queen of the silver screen?

Lana Del Rey – future queen of the silver screen?. Advertisements

London Fashion Week: taking the bow by the horns

London Fashion Week: taking the bow by the horns.

Wales: The Cultural Olympiad 2012

This is the year of the London 2012 Olympics. Many of you admit to being entirely disinterested in the sporting side of things, but perhaps the cultural arm of the festivities will court… Continue reading

If Bristol can graffiti its streets in style, so can Cardiff

Graffiti is a notoriously divisive artistic medium. Some people consider its presence on the city’s streets an eyesore, and something that heralds a continuing era of mindless vandalism. Others, however, interpret graffiti in… Continue reading

Will a new bus-tram system for Cardiff help the arts?

As Artzine Cardiff has established, this city benefits from a plethora of arts venues for its local population to enjoy. However, since Cardiff Bay’s redevelopment in the late 90s, there has been little… Continue reading

Cardiff competes to become a leading city for the arts in the UK

The theatre industry lays foundations for Cardiff’s ascent to the fore of the UK’s arts scene Cardiff’s urban and cultural landscape has changed enormously in recent years; the city has been locked in… Continue reading

Urban renewal – an artist’s message

Contemporary art often allows for the exploration and interrogation of political issues. One artist who engages with the political is Jo Whitby, a cartoonist and mix-media artist studying in Cardiff. Her piece entitled… Continue reading

Guest blogger: Nicol Phillips on education and The Turner Prize

Nicol Phillips is currently undertaking an MA in Curatorial Practice at Bath Spa University. Alongside her studies she works at Spike Island, a Contemporary Arts Centre in Bristol. The main focus of her… Continue reading

Cardiff needs an outstanding contemporary art gallery if it’s to compete on the national arts stage

The Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art in Gateshead is home to this year’s Turner Prize exhibition. But, how long will it be before Cardiff can expect to share this honour? The winner of… Continue reading

Urban Renewal vs. The Arts